Bokulich's Picture Jakob Bokulich (Mark) is an interdisciplinary artist with a foundation in acting and painting. He played lead roles in and co-wrote both Antero Alli's Hysteria, which received five stars from, and “A Ship Remembers,” a site-specific theater/dance piece made for the Artship Foundation in Oakland, California, with Slobodan Dan Paich. He can also be found in The Dark Forest, Geographies of Memory, and Tragos. He has studied at the American Conservatory Theater, as well as at Seydways Studio, with Bobby Weinapple.

Roja's PictureBenjamin Rojas (Roger) was born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay city of Pittsburg. He has been acting in theater for seven years with two Xicano theater groups: Teatro LOCOS in Pittsburg and Teatro Clandestino in San Francisco. He is also a visual educator/painter and local activist.

Samayoa's Movie Still Juana Samayoa (Antonia) is an actor, singer, writer, improviser, and TV and radio personality. She hosted and produced NewsTalk, a daily, live TV news and interview show on San Francisco’s channel 44, as well as the weekly radio show West Coast Lifestyle. Juana created "Sprouts," an improvisational ensemble that performed at Blue Bear Theatre. She also studied voice with Shari Carlson, which led to producing and headlining in Colors, a musical showcase at Studio 300. She has had leading roles in many independent shorts, one of which, The Waves, will be screened in the Emergent Filmmakers category at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004.

Martinez' PictureClaudya Martinez (Susan) moved to the Bay Area from Southern California to attend San Francisco State University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Theater. Since graduating she has performed onstage at El Teatro de la Esperanza and Teatro Vision. Her other credits include voice-overs, commercials, industrials, and print work.

Holley's Picture Mike Holley (Victor) has been entertaining audiences with his interactive style of stand-up comedy at Bay Area venues, such as Rooser T. Feathers, the Eureka Theatre, Papa Buzz, and A Cuppa Tea, for the past three years. He has had leading roles in two other independent films (Mortified and Freedom).

Vasquez' movie stillDiego Vasquez (Rene) has been acting in theater, TV, and movies since 1986. His theater involvement has also included work as an assistant director and director. He has taught acting workshops at Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia, and a children’s acting course at the Universidad Nacional De Colombia, also in Bogota. He has also participated in theatrical writing workshops at Casa del Teatro Nacional and Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Simmons's movie stillVirginia Simmons (Rosario) has acted on stage and in commercials, as well as in improvisational settings. She is also a professionally trained vocalist and has performed in musicals and pageants.

Nasser movie StillLana Nasser (Nadia) recently moved to California from New York City, where she had her first equity debut in the Israeli/Palestinian love story How His Bride Came to Abraham. She identifies herself as a performing artist and writer, and has TV, film, theater, commercial, and voice-over credits from Jordan (her birthplace), Washington DC, and New York City.

Alaudinis's PictureShoresh Alaudini (Joe) has performed on stage and in front of the camera for various independent film projects and school productions. His performance in Fires in the Mirror won him Beach Blanket Babylon’s $10,000 scholarship award in a competition held annually for high-school seniors at San Francisco’s Club Fugazi.

Dabai's PictureMitri Dabai (George)

Sinclaire's Picture

Jhennah Sinclaire (Annika)

Picture of Neighborhood Kids in the movieEric Johns (Chuey), Samantha Johns (Josepha), William Simmons (Diego), Christian Simmons (Ray)

Picture of Neighborhood Kids in the movieAna-Rosa Melendez (Esperanza), Araceli Toro-Gonzalez (Aurora)

Picture of Neighborhood Kids in the movieScarlett "Roja 01" Abuslin, Vanessa Varko, Harjant Gill

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