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Mission Movie Wins Best Feature Film Festival Today

BY MARIA ESTEVES Published: August 17, 2004

"Mission Movie" It's All About Community: Interview With Lise Swenson Casting Connection
BY MOLLY CRAFT Published:09/10/2004

Woman on a Mission Daily News,
BY PAM GRADY Published:06/08/2004

Whose Streets? Script Doctor, SF Bay Guardian
BY LYNN RAPOPORT Published:06/02/2004

The Mission District -- it's more than you think it is. A filmmaker sets her project in a lively, ever-evolving neighborhood.
The Datebook, SF Chronicle (Feature Article)
BY CARLA MEYER Published: 05/31/2004

The Defiant Ones: Turning complex political ideas into human drama with "smoke and mirrors."
The SF Weekly
BY MICHAEL FOX Published: 11/05/2003

In the Neighborhood: One place, many histories
The SF Weekly
BY JOYCE SLATON Published: 08/27/2003

A Mission Movie and a Movie's Mission (Feature Article)
Published: 10/15/2003

Broadcast segment on the production of Mission Movie
Latin Eyes, Channel 4
Aired: 8/28/2003

Film About the Mission Underway El Tecolote (Feature Article)
Published: 8/27/2003


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