The Movie

The Mission Movie project was launched in June of 2002, when a group of nine San Francisco artists and media makers came together through their affiliation with the movie's director Lise Swenson and the Mission District ("the Mission").

Swenson, who lived in the Mission for 14 years, has been a longtime practitioner of the collaborative process of making movies and art. With Swenson at the helm, the core group has been the primary guiding force and muscle of the Mission Movie project. Fairly representative of the breadth of the Mission itself, the group is diverse in many ways from age to ethnicity to economics.

With the intention of making a feature film with authenticity, the core group assembled a community advisory group (CAG) made up of artists and organizers with ties to the Mission. The CAG's directive was to protect the stories of the Mission throughout the project, from casting to scripting through production and post-production. Once assembled, the core group and the CAG began the process of interviewing people within the Mission and collecting stories.

The film was cast with an eye out for actors who are not only talented, but also capable in an improvisational setting. Prior to filming, the actors participated in lengthy improvisational rehearsals. They generated dialogue that was then incorporated into the script.

As production progresses the producers and directors plan to continue with the collaborative nature of the project with community events and screenings of Mission Movie in progress.


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